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Who would be in 'The 99 Club' for NCAA College Football 2021?

What's going on in college football? The global pandemic continues to affect our lives and the world of our favorite sport. With each decision conferences make to cancel or postpone a season, it appears were potentially headed towards no college football this fall. That leaves us with time on our hands to find other activities. If only there were a college football video game to play.

Imagine if college football gets canceled for the 2020 season. We'd all be sad, but having a college football game would reduce the pain of losing the season. NCAA '21 would make a run for best video game if it game out simply because of the desire for its return. Who would you play? Which team would you choose to start a dynasty? Who would be the best players? I've started asking my guests on my new college football podcast, Talk With Your Pads, to rate some college football players. Sixth Year Sports' own Cam Mellor joined the pod to do that this week, and you can listen to the episode below.

One topic discussed on the podcast is 'The 99 Club' for the game. EA Sports' Madden franchise has the same club, which sparked curiosity for the collegiate version. Who would get rated a 99? The answers to this question seem to differ depend on who you ask, but there are some that could be unanimous selections. With that intrigue, here's who I'd have rated as a 99.

  • QB Trevor Lawrence, Clemson

  • WR JaMarr Chase, LSU

  • OT Penei Sewell, Oregon

  • LB Micah Parsons, Penn State

At least for the preseason, that would be it for the list for me. Obviously Parsons opted out, but he would have been included in the game in normal circumstances. You'd be hard pressed to find many people that would argue against the other three being in this club. Just like the Madden game, though, there's potential for players to not be in this club now, but have their rating adjusted over time. Players who could be in that group would include:

  • QB Justin Fields, Ohio State

  • RB Travis Etienne, Clemson

  • RB Chuba Hubbard, Oklahoma State

  • WR DeVonta Smith, Alabama

  • DT Marvin Wilson, Florida State

  • LB Dylan Moses, Alabama

  • CB Derek Stingley, LSU

Again, it depends on your perspective, but all of the players listed above would be worthy of joining the club. Stingley's probably the biggest debate. I'm not upset if someone wants to rate him a 99, but I'm hesitant to give a player that rating after one freshman season. All this debate would be fun, but it's too bad that everything about it is hypothetical.

With social media where it is now, the 99 club could be another way for teams to market their players more, and would make for some great content. Until more things get sorted out, were stuck with NCAA '14.

Video games are a great way to get your fix for sports when the actual sport isn't on to watch. This year has challenged everyone, and were starting to see the consequences of poor planning and wild uncertainty. If some teams still play the 2020 season, it gives fans something to watch. If there's not, people are stuck with an old version of a game that could be great if it was revived. We'll stick with what we can get, but this year shows us how much we need the game more than ever.

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