• Joe Broback

Top 10 Uniforms from College Football Week 1

First impressions are so important in life, and college football isn't any different. Playing well in your first game can say a lot about your team, but so can your looks. Uniforms can't make or break a game, but they can certainly influence how people feel about a program. If you look good and play good, well there's not much that can make the game better. We saw some clean looks in Week 1, and there weren't many crazy looks. So who made the Top 10? Check out all of the uniforms below.

1a. Marshall: The Thundering Herd don't switch things up much, but it's hard for me to find a better uniform from this weekend than the simple green and white. It doesn't hurt that the Thundering Herd put up 59 points against Western Kentucky to sway me a little more in their favor, but I've always been a fan of this look. Look good, play good as they say.

1b. Army: Speaking of other teams that dominated their competition, Army comes in next. The Black Knights walloped Middle Tennessee 42-0 this weekend, and did it in style. Well, Army style that is. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Whether it's the offense or the uniforms.

3a. Texas State: No, Texas State doesn't have the best uniforms in the country, but we're going to acknowledge how much they've improved. The Bobcats have had some awful uniforms in the past, but Saturday's were actually awesome. We recognize the improvement, and sometimes that's enough.

3b. SMU: SMU. Dallas. Same thing. The Mustangs returned their Dallas uniforms that were so popular last year, and they had the same effect in 2020. The three lines forming a 'D' with the Mustang inside of it on the helmets was clean once again, and SMU continues using just the right amount of each color throughout the entire uniforms. Sometimes less is more, and SMU knows how to perfect that concept.

5. Memphis: This could be bias, but I love the tiger stripes on Memphis' helmets. Doesn't matter the color. White, blue white, keeping it simple works. The Tigers might have struggled to put away Arkansas State, but they eventually found their footing in the 37-24 win.

6. Central Arkansas: If this list compared each team's home field and ranked them, Central Arkansas would win in a landslide. If you have't checked out their field yet, I suggest you do. While their uniforms don't have the same effect, the Bears setup is better than many FBS teams. First of all, they're purple, which you don't see much, and the big bear logo on their helmets sticks out. Like SMU, Central Arkansas keeps it simple, and doesn't overload the colors. One of the few FCS teams playing this year didn't get a win on the field, but they at least looked good in a valiant effort.

7. Arkansas State: Memphis and Arkansas State put together a great combination of uniforms. Both teams kept it simple (I guess there's a theme here), and the colors looked great together. I don't know why, but there's something about white pants with a white jersey and a colored helmet. Maybe it's because it makes the helmet stick out even more, and the Red Wolves red definitely pops. They came up short against the Tigers, but the weren't slacking in the uniform department.

8. South Alabama: Triple white looks are some of the cleanest in all of college football. The Jags not only made a statement with their play, but looked good doing it. Part of me wishes they'd use their logo more, but I also dig the 'Jags' on the helmet too. Wide receiver Jalen Tolbert stole the show, and also landed on the Sixth Year Sports National Team of the Week. After the season they had last year, it seems like everything is turning around for South Alabama.

9. North Texas: Maybe the most underrated helmet in all of college football goes to the Mean Green. Oregon gets credit for using the wings on their helmets, but North Texas' wings are unique. It might have been tough to see though, as North Texas was mostly a blur on Saturday, scoring 57 points in a win over Houston Baptist. All whites with hints of green is a look we've seen before, but it's enough to get them on the list. Especially with those helmets.

10. UTEP: The Miners haven't had many wins over the last few years, but they got one over Stephen F. Austin Saturday. Their uniforms weren't half bad either. No, they're not elite by any means, but we're going to give UTEP as much momentum as they can get. We all know it's going to end this week against Texas. Enjoy the highs when you get them, because you never know how long they'll last.