Top 10 UMass Players Returning in 2020

The top 10 players returning to the UMass Minutemen for the 2020 college football season.

Important to note that this list is based upon last year's data and film from on each specific team as well as judgment based upon the player's position both his skill and the level of talent around him at the said position and influential cohorts. Positional value also plays a large factor in these rankings as does the offensive or defensive scheme.

1. Chinedu Ogbonna, LB

2. Jake Byczko, DE

3. Zak Simon, WR

4. Larnel Coleman, T

5. Jermaine Johnson Jr., WR

6. Josh Wallace, CB

7. Cole McCubrey, LB

8. Tyris Lebeau, LB

9. Helber Fagundes, G

10. Andrew Brito, QB

Honorable Mention: Brian Abosi, T

If you don't know who Ogbonna is yet, just wait. He's primed for a breakout year along their defense as he can do it all. Ogbonna is probably at his best when he rushes the passer and though he got home with just over 10 pressures last year, he was still winning his pass-rushes regularly but receivers were running open and passes were coming out too quick. He can play the run well and tackles with great technique.

Byczko had a solid set of games when he was in action as well and is a safe tackler, with the majority of his stops coming at or behind the line of scrimmage. Wallace takes the spot as CB1 on the team and had an interception last year while limiting the total number of receptions into his coverage opposite Isaiah Rodgers nicely.

McCubrey and Lebeau man the second line of defense as they combined for over 100 tackles last year.

Simon hauled in 33 balls and two scores last year, doing the majority of his damage after the catch. With some more accurately placed balls his way in 2020, he could do even more damage with the ball in his hands.

Coleman and Fagundes, along with Abosi as well, return to form an experienced trio on the offensive line. Brito will need all the time he can have to run this offense and Coleman is the best pass-blocker on the team.

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