Top 10 Rice Players Returning in 2020

The top 10 players returning to the Rice Owls for the 2020 college football season.

Important to note that this list is based upon last year's data and film from on each specific team as well as judgment based upon the player's position both his skill and the level of talent around him at the said position and influential cohorts. Positional value also plays a large factor in these rankings as does the offensive or defensive scheme.

1. Blaze Alldredge, LB

2. Bradley Rozner, WR

3. Treshawn Chamberlain, LB

4. Austin Trammell, WR

5. Miles Adams, DI

6. Antonio Montero, LB

7. Naeem Smith, S

8. Elijah Garcia, DE

9. Clay Servin, T

10. Tyrae Thornton, CB

Honorable Mention: Mike Collins, QB; Shea Baker, G

Alldredge can just about do everything you ask of him, rush the passer, drop back into coverage and stuff the run. He does so with very few mistakes and even more so highlight-reel plays. He brought down six total sacks a season ago and didn't allow a catch to go for more than 25 yards in his coverage.

Rozner and Trammell make up a dynamic receiving duo who combined for nine scores and 1,496 total receiving yards last season. Trammell has sure hands and Rozner is the contested-catch guy that every quarterback situation needs.

Elsewhere, on defense, the fellow linebackers of Chamerblain and Montero should also be improved in 2020 after they recorded a ton of tackles and several plays on the ball in coverage. Smith at safety is solid in coverage and a great run stuffer coming down.

They'll need some help at the quarterback position where they really failed to muster anything consistent in 2019 as both Stewart, Green, Marshman and Johnson each fielded at least 10+ dropbacks.

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