Top 10 Miami (Oh.) Players Returning in 2020

The top 10 players returning to the Miami (Oh.) RedHawks for the 2020 college football season.

Important to note that this list is based upon last year's data and film from on each specific team as well as judgment based upon the player's position both his skill and the level of talent around him at the said position and influential cohorts. Positional value also plays a large factor in these rankings as does the offensive or defensive scheme.

1. Brett Gabbert, QB

2. Emmanuel Rugamba, CB

3. Jack Sorenson, WR

4. Sterling Weatherford, S

5. Ivan Pace Jr., LB

6. Jaylon Bester, RB

7. Tommy Doyle, T

8. Kameron Butler, DE

9. Caleb Shaffer, G

10. Danny Godlevske, C

Honorable Mention: Mike Brown, CB; Tyre Shelton, RB; Ryan McWood, LB

Gabbert continually improved as the year went on, capping his dramatic freshman season with an improbable MAC championship. He was a danger to defenses when throwing down the middle of the field, connecting on multiple shots to all levels in between the numbers. He was just as deadly when kept clean from pressure as well while he also presents an issue if he scrambles as well.

Speaking of dangers, Sorenson is as dangerous as anyone else in the conference with the ball in the air. He won't drop any passes his way and he'll make the most of his opportunities. He runs very smooth, crisp routes and is as reliable as they come.

Bester is another talented returning skillplayer as he ran for 730 yards on just 172 carries last year. He hit 14 touchdowns and he left a bevy of missed tackles in his wake in the process. Doyle, Godlevske and Shaffer pave the way in the run game while also having great pass sets on tape as well.

On defense, former Iowa CB Emmanuel Rugamba looked every bit like the top cornerback on his team, in the MAC and up there with the best of them in the Group of 5 a season ago. He may have allowed a couple of touchdowns here and there, but more often than not, receivers were just simply not coming down with the ball in his coverage. One way or another, he was forcing incompletions at a high rate.

Weatherford also has great coverage skills to his credit, ending the year with a pick and eight more pass breakups despite just 20 catches allowed into his coverage. He will stuff runners just the same as well, and has a knack for forcing fumbles.

Pace is an interesting study as he's an incredibly fast gadgety type of player, used to spy on shifty quarterbacks and rush the passer as his main role. If he expands his abilities and continues to excel when blitzing, expect more outings like the one against Akron where he tallied four sacks. He really caught his stride down the backstretch of the season, and that should continue with more reps in 2020 and beyond.

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