Top 10 Memphis Returners in 2020

Updated: May 27, 2020

The top 10 players returning to the Memphis Tigers for the 2020 college football season.

Important to note that this list is based upon last year's data and film from on each specific team as well as judgment based upon the player's position both his skill and the level of talent around him at the said position and influential cohorts. Positional value also plays a large factor in these rankings as does the offensive or defensive scheme.

1. Damonte Coxie, WR

2. T.J. Carter, CB

3. Brady White, QB

4. Kenneth Gainwell, RB

5. O'Bryan Goodson, DI

6. Joseph Dorceus, DE

7. Zay Cullens, LB

8. Quindell Johnson, S

9. Dylan Parham, G

10. Sanchez Blake Jr., S

Honorable Mention: Obinna Eze, T; Calvin Austin Jr., WR; Manuel Orona-Lopez, G; Kedarian Jones, WR

White's quirky throwing motion works wonderfully for him and Coxie sees the benefit of it more often than not. He may not burn people with his straight-line speed but he can find any opening in coverage and make any defender miss with his routes. He's a crisp runner along the route tree and presents a challenging matchup one-on-one.

Carter is a longtime standout in the Memphis secondary and has been since his true freshman season. He should see a bevy of targets as their No. 1 cornerback as he'll see No. 1 receivers more often than not but he is battle-tested and as sticky as they come.

White to Gainwell should be fun to watch as they'll run a new offense in 2020. Gainwell's a home-run threat and White can dice up a defense from a clean pocket.

Their defensive middle is a scary unit with Goodson, Cullens and their safety duo of Johnson and Blake Jr. roaming from sideline to sideline. Dorceus is ready for that next step and 2020 seems to be that year.

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