Top 10 Arizona State Players Returning in 2020

The top 10 players returning to the Arizona State Sun Devils for the 2020 college football season.

Important to note that this list is based upon last year's data and film from on each specific team as well as judgment based upon the player's position both his skill and the level of talent around him at the said position and influential cohorts. Positional value also plays a large factor in these rankings as does the offensive or defensive scheme.

1. Jayden Daniels, QB

2. Dohnovan West, G

3. Aashari Crosswell, S

4. Frank Darby, WR

5. Darien Butler, LB

6. Jermayne Lole, Edge

7. Jack Jones, CB

8. Cam Phillips, S

9. Ladarius Henderson, T

10. Merlin Robertson, LB

Honorable Mention: Geordon Porter, WR; D.J. Davidson, DI; Willie Harts, S; Evan Fields, S; Chase Lucas, CB

The Daniels hype train has left the station and Jayden is racking up preseason awards as of writing this. A slight quarterback, Daniels plays like a much bigger (thicker) quarterback. He's tough to bring down if he does scramble but he's even tougher to stop when he's on his game in terms of downfield throwing. He plays very well within structure and can hit all the throws across the field when given time to do so.

He only struggled mightily in one game last year, against a Utah defense that sent multiple players into the NFL draft. Still, if he wants to win some of the hardware he's on the watch lists for, he'll have to avoid those kinds of performances in 2020. He has all the talent to do so.

Elsewhere, Crosswell is perhaps the most underrated safety in the country as you just don't hear about him enough. He does everything well, excelling in coverage while also bringing the wood to the run game. He'll not miss many tackles and even recorded two picks and six more pass breakups in coverage.

Butler, Lole and Robertson also have tons of all-around talents as Lole led the team with six sacks last year, Robertson had a pick and three sacks himself and Butler was terrific in coverage as well as against the run.

Phillips and Jones also represent talented players on a now-experienced defense that should present troubles for the Pac-12.

There is no Eno Benjamin nor Brandon Aiyuk in 2020 but there is a Darby and a West. Darby is supremely talented and has a full route tree, something he should showcase with a bevy of targets surely expected to come his way in 2020.

West is a mauler and moves very well on the inside. He'll keep multiple clean sheets in pass protection but moves people even better off the line of scrimmage in the run game.

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