Joe Broback's 2021 College Football Preview

We've entered preview season, and college football will be here before we know it. After producing my first ever college football preview, I took on the challenge again, but decided to switch things up. If you're looking for a free alternative to the normal magazines that get published around this time, here it is!

Last year was my first year embarking on this journey, and the response was overwhelmingly positive, so I’m back in 2021 to provide another one. This edition provides a little different perspective, as I focus on the Group of 5 and a handful of independent teams (for the purpose of this preview, everyone except Notre Dame counts as a G5). As the AAC writer for UDD, I’ve come to appreciate more teams in college football, and cheering for the underdog is my favorite thing to do. Those guys also don’t get enough love unless they’re playing a Power 5 team or in a big bowl game, so I wanted to shine a light on good players who don’t get the credit they deserve. BUT HAVE NO FEAR POWER 5 FANS! I still included plenty of content regarding all of college football. My hope is that this preview gives you something different from the norm. There are team previews, player previews, depth charts, and so much more provided, and I’m always open to suggestions for my future previews.

If you enjoy this guide, all I ask is that you share it with another college football fan. The process of creating this guide grew my appreciation for college football, and my hope is that it does for at least one more person. If you’re looking for more content throughout the year and during the season, you can find it at:

Twitter: @joebroback YouTube: CFBBreakdown Podcast: @CFBwithJB AAC: @underdogdynasty CFB: @SixthYearSports Tik Tok: @joebroback

College football is the best sport on the planet, and I love sharing this experience with other fans. From random games like Coastal Carolina-BYU to the Heisman run by Alabama's DeVonta Smith, college football makes fall the best time of the year, and I'm excited for another season of fun. If you enjoy this preview, share it with as many college football enthusiasts as you can. Let's spread the fun across the country!

So here it is, my 2021 College Football Preview!

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2021 Guide
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NOTE: Certain players like Tulsa CB Allie Green IV, Tulsa CB Akayleb Evans, and Marshall G Cain Madden who remain in the transfer portal as of 5/26/2021, but will still be counted as G5 in this guide.

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