• Joe Broback

Jarek Broussard: College football's most unknown star

One thing that's made the 2020 college football season tough is the various start times and the number of games played. Every conference has handled things a different way, and it's made evaluation of teams and players a little more difficult. The Pac-12 got started later than others, for example, and the stats that guys put up might not get the attention deserved. Colorado running back Jarek Broussard is an example of that, and he's not getting enough love for his breakout season.

Before this year, Colorado football had a number of great players, and it seemed like we wouldn't see many stand out this season. Many gave up on the Buffaloes before the season began too, and now they're exceeding expectations and silencing doubters along the way.

Not enough can be said about the job Karl Dorrell has done so far with this team. Colorado currently sits at 4-0 with one game to go, and a win could put them into the conference championship game (pending a potential tiebreaker if USC also finishes undefeated). A big reason for their success is because of Broussard.

At 5'9", his size didn't get much attention from teams as a running back. Originally a wide receiver, he's used his receiver speed to break out big plays, including a monster game this weekend.

Broussard rushed for 301 yards against the Arizona Wildcats, tied for second this season with Buffalo's Jaret Patterson. Patterson also has the record this season with his 409-yard performance against Kent State. Even though Broussard's at the top, he's not getting much love.

It could be that Colorado's only played four games, but people need to be watching this kid. Broussard's currently 24th in the country in rushing yards, once again second behind just Patterson in a four game span. There's plenty going on this year, from Coastal Carolina's run to Notre Dame's upset of Clemson, but Colorado and Broussard deserve a piece of that attention pie too.

If you're truly a fan of college football, you enjoy the depth that sport has to offer. Guys like Broussard might be on a Power 5 team, but they're just as much an underdog as Buffalo's Patterson and other Group of 5 players. Rushing for 300+ yards deserves more attention, and the things Colorado and Broussard are doing continue to surprise us all. It's yet another great underdog story in a year full of them, making 2020 a little more bearable. Oh, and Broussard's not done yet.

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