Does Kyle Trask or Mac Jones deserve to win the Heisman Trophy?

It feels like this year's Heisman Trophy race hasn't been nearly as exciting as in years past or that there is a clear favorite. Alabama's Mac Jones and Florida's Kyle Trask are considered the top two guys when it comes to the award, but no one seems ready to crown one of the other. Who deserves the trophy? Is it even one of them?

Mac Jones and Alabama continue rolling through everyone in their path, an he's a big reason why the Tide are the favorites to win the national championship. Jones is completing 76.4% of his passes (for reference, Joe Burrow completed 76.3% in his Heisman campaign last year) for 3,321 yards and 27 touchdowns with just three interceptions. Trask statistically has the upper hand, throwing for 3,717 yards and 40 touchdowns. Alabama hasn't lost a game, though, while Florida now has two losses. So the advantage seemingly tips to Jones, but neither really has a Heisman moment or been head and shoulders above everyone else. Yet it seems inevitable that one of them will win it, solidifying that this is truly a quarterback award and no one has a shot. Which is the big problem.

DeVonta Smith is the best player in college football right now, no question about it. Since he doesn't play quarterback, however, he won't win the Heisman. Even if he should. Smith's first or second in the country in catches (83), yards (1,327) and touchdowns (15) and currently averages 25.6 yards per punt return. If there was ever a year to give the Heisman to a wide receiver, this is it.

Zaven Collins won't win because he's on a Group of 5 team, something he'll get knocked for in the voting. Yet he's put up Heisman worthy moments that we can't forget, like the game ending interception against SMU followed by the above game winning pick six. Tulsa's in its first AAC Championship game, and Collins played a big role in getting them there.

Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields were preseason locks to win the Heisman, but neither of them will be a finalist. That's proof that you need to think differently this year. Nearly all of us were wrong about the Heisman this year, and especially about thinking these two would be the favorites.

Zach Wilson at one point was the favorite to win the Heisman, and will still get heavy consideration even with his teams recent struggles. North Carolina running backs Javonte Williams and Michael Carter just rushed for a combined 500+ yards against Miami and are the only backfield in the country to have two 1,000 yard rushers. Jaret Patterson nearly broke the NCAA record for rushing yards in one game, but did break the two game record with 710 yards. Those are Heisman worthy moments along with Heisman worthy numbers, yet we're stuck in one way of thinking.

Do Mac Jones and Kyle Trask deserve the Heisman? Sure, but the evaluation of the award has become fairly superficial. We're so set on a quarterback winning the award that we automatically negate anyone else. If I had to pick between the two "favorites" then I'd go with Trask, but I don't think either of them is the best option for the award at this point.

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