College Football Week 5: Five Matchups to Watch

Well, the upsets just keep coming in college football, and there's no reason to believe that won't continue this week. We're also seeing some spectacular performances from skill position players. Alabama's Jaylen Waddle somehow looks better than last year, Arkansas State's Jonathan Adams is dominating everyone, and the list goes on and on. This week there are a number of wide receiver and cornerback battles, so we stuck with that theme. We narrowed the list down to five, which was tough given the depth of talent.

Allie Green IV vs. Marlon Williams

You can also substitute Jaylon Robinson for Williams. UCF's been without Tre Nixon since the first half of the Georgia Tech game, but it hasn't mattered. Williams and Robinson have shouldered the load since then. Williams was the pick due to his physical nature, a skillset that Allie Green IV also brings to the table. Green went toe to toe with Oklahoma State's Tylan Wallace, but will face a receiver in Williams who's not afraid to throw around his weight as well. It's a physical matchup that's sure to get chippy, but one that's worth watching when UCF has the football.

Myles Jones vs. DeVonta Smith

Jones has already gained attention from NFL scouts thanks to his long frame (6'4"), and he'll need to use everything he can get. Whether it's DeVonta Smith or Jaylen Waddle, he'll face receivers that brings speed to the game. Jones isn't as fast as either of them, but it's a great test for him at the next level. Same with safeties Demani Richardson and Leon O'Neal. Richardson has the speed to keep up with Smith and Waddle, but he's still learning.

TJ Carter vs. Reggie Roberson

What's TJ Carter's reward for facing James Proche last year? Lining up against Reggie Roberson, Danny Gray or Rashee Rice every play. Roberson's the biggest threat right now for the SMU offense, and probably the toughest to cover of the three. His speed will test Carter, who's looking to bounce back after a year in which teams tested him more frequently. Roberson currently leads the team in receptions, but is also second on the team in yards. The Mustangs offense gained new life after the Texas State game, and are looking for revenge on a Memphis team that won a thriller last year. How Carter and Roberson do play a big role in determining the outcome.

AJ Parker vs. TJ Vasher

Kansas State knows what it's like to have a receiver make them look bad via acrobatic catches. Parker and the defensive backs are hoping to avoid another Jonathan Adams game.

Vasher is more than capable of making the same kinds of catches, and proved that last weekend against Texas.

Vasher at 6'6" presents a mismatch even for normal sized cornerbacks. Parker isn't small by any means at 5'11", but covering Vasher provides him with a stiff test. Will Kansas State have Parker shadow Vasher? He's their best corner, so it might be a good idea to make things difficult for the Red Raiders offense.

Seth Williams vs. Eric Stokes/Tyson Campbell

My top matchup of the weekend. Williams shined last weekend with multiple highlight reel catches. In fact, here they are:

If you need someone to come down with a jump ball, Williams is your guy. Bo Nix has utilized his star receiver's skillset on a number of occasions, but he might see fewer opportunities to do so this weekend. Tyson Campbell continue to gain love from scouts, and Eric Stokes evolved as a corner last year. Williams won't run past either given their speed, but he can be physical at the line of scrimmage and at the catch point to win this matchup. Nix and the Auburn offense need him now more than ever, but it's also up to the other receivers to step up if he's taken away.

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