• Joe Broback

BUY OR SELL: Spencer Rattler Hype

Spencer Rattler hasn't taken a starting rep for the Oklahoma Sooners, but he's already one of the most talked about quarterbacks in all of college football. From his stardom on the Netflix series QB1 to the countless videos circulating social media, Rattler is a well known name and looking to cement his legacy.

I did a quick dive into what I thought about Spencer Rattler on my podcast. There are many aspects of Rattler that make me believe he's going to be the real deal. He can sling the football a long ways but also has shown that he can make throws off multiple platforms even if he's off balance. There's a reason Oklahoma pursued him, and it's evident even in the limited reps we've seen him running the offense. Then there's the competitive nature, and it's the biggest reason why Sooners fans expect a return to the College Football Playoff after making it three years in a row. It's also why Lincoln Riley has high expectations for this season.

Rattler is the definition of a competitor. If you watched QB1 at all, you saw that side of him. Yes, it will rub some guys the wrong way because they think he's arrogant, but you don't get to where he's going by being complacent. Rattler's going to push his teammates to be their best, and he'll give them that same effort. And he's going to let you know when he wins. Talking trash is a part of his game, but that's just who he is as a player. Sometimes the competitors just can't help it. That attitude is a polarizing one, but it's the biggest reason why he'll succeed.

Replacing talent like Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, and Jalen Hurts isn't for everyone. In fact, it's really not for many, which makes Rattler the perfect candidate to follow in their footsteps. Those three combined for 24,197 total yards, 246 total touchdowns, four College Football Playoff appearances, and two Heisman Trophies. That's quite the task to follow. Yet there's good reason to believe that Rattler will add to those statistics.

Lincoln Riley has done a phenomenal job of adapting his offense to his quarterbacks. Baker Mayfield was more of a pocket passer who suplemented the passing game with his legs. Riley put him in situations where he utilized his arm more and let his playmakers around him go to work as well. Kyler Murray was more of a dual threat who was blazing fast but also had a great arm. Riley, in a way, had more options with Murray at quarterback than he did with Mayfield, but both offenses were lethal. With Hurts, Riley realized that he would have to run the ball more than he did with the first two, and the Sooners still made it to the playoff. With Rattler, we'll see more of Mayfield than the other two, but it might take a little time to get the results fans want.

Are you buying the Spencer Rattler hype? It feels like everyone thinks highly of this kid and that the sky is the limit. Oklahoma has high expectations, but it feels like they have the right kid for the job. Even though Rattler is the first quarterback Lincoln Riley recruited out of high school to start for the Sooners, there's not much doubt things will work out in their favor. There will most likely be some bumps in the road, but Rattler has the talent and moxie that will help him succeed. Maybe even become the best quarterback in Oklahoma history. Maybe in all of college football.

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