All-Wisconsin HSGC Awards

From January, 2014

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January 28, 2014

As National Signing Day nears, signifying the culmination of a number of high school careers, we see no better time than the present to reflect on a terrific football season and continue to unveil the first-annual, All-HSGC Award Lists for the 2013 football season.

Working now on a state-by-state basis, the same extensive parameters and essential criteria were considered for the coveted list. The All-HSGC Awards signify excellence on the field of key offensive positions and defensive players as a whole.

The quintessential component of the list was basic and to-the-point – your team must utilize the HSGameCenter program being delivered by Digital Scout. From there, the grading criterion included, but was not limited to, yards and touchdowns, team winning percentage, percentage of team total offense and much more.

After careful deliberation and hours of scouring over statistics from programs across Wisconsin, the list of the first ever All-Wisconsin HSGC Awards are here.

All-Wisconsin Player of the Year:

Jacob Van AstenShiocton High School (14-0) Quarterback No. 3 2698 total yards, 42 total touchdowns

All-Wisconsin First Team


Charlie GriefMarquette University School (8-4), No. 2 3238 total yards, 40 total touchdowns

Caleb JohnsonKewaunee High School (11-2), No. 15 2511 total yards, 32 total touchdowns

Running Back:

Maxwell PraschakSomerset High School (11-2), No. 29 1736 total yards, 30 total touchdowns

Drew PattersonHamilton High School (7-4), No. 34 1804 total yards, 25 total touchdowns

Wide Receiver:

Mike Thompson, Marquette University, No. 10 1335 total yards, 10 total touchdowns

Noah StengalSheboygan North High School (1-8), No. 13 1047 total yards, 11 total touchdowns

All-Wisconsin Second Team


Jacob Schmidt, Sheboygan North, No. 12 2263 total yards, 23 total touchdowns

Cooper KernerNorthland Pines High School (6-4), No. 12 1944 total yards, 22 total touchdowns

Running Back:

James HoffmanClayton High School (5-5), No. 28 1663 total yards, 26 total touchdowns

Reegan AndersonAlmond-Bancroft High School (8-2), No. 14 2115 total yards, 25 total touchdowns

Wide Receiver:

Chris CooperUniversity School of Milwaukee (6-3), No. 12 1031 total yards, 17 total touchdowns

Jesse Kleiman, Kewaunee, No. 26 1162 total yards, 14 total touchdowns

All-Wisconsin Third Team


Collin McCarvillePort Edwards High School (5-4), No. 3 1324 total yards, 17 total touchdowns

Jordan CarlsonRobert M Lafollette High School (7-3), No. 12 1625 total yards, 17 total touchdowns

Running Back:

Aaron DietmeierWebster High School (10-2), No. 21 2010 total yards, 24 total touchdowns

Trevor HeitPepin/Alma High School (11-1), No. 23 1819 total yards, 23 total touchdowns

Wide Receiver:

Patrick Brouillard, Shiocton, No. 22 782 total yards, 13 total touchdowns

Sam Lacko, Northland Pines, No. 24 1061 total yards, 12 total touchdowns

All-Wisconsin Honorable Mention


Alex SloweyWestfield Area High School (7-4), No. 15 2208 total yards, 31 total touchdowns

Hunter ProkashAlgoma High School (9-1), No. 20 1683 total yards, 24 total touchdowns

Running Back:

Michael Tucker, University School, No. 23 1594 total yards, 24 total touchdowns

Isaac TuttleGlenwood City High School (7-1), No. 11 1551 total yards, 18 total touchdowns

Sam Koss, Algoma, No. 23 1552 total yards, 14 total touchdowns

Wide Receiver:

Weston Nelson, Sheboygan North, No. 3 931 total yards, 10 total touchdowns

J.K. WitkofskiUnion Grove High School (2-7), No. 10 1313 total yards, 11 total touchdowns

All-Wisconsin Defensive Player of the Year

John Nuzum, Pepin/Alma, No. 33 71.5 total tackle, 33 solo, 15.5 tackle for loss, 5 sack

All-Wisconsin Defensive Honorable Mention

Conor Sheehy, Marquette University, No. 56 61.5 total tackle, 46 solo, 18.5 tackle for loss, 3 sack

Dexter KarbanColeman High School (8-4), No. 42 61.5 total tackle, 43 solo, 18 tackle for loss, 1 sack, 1 interception

Aaron Dietmeier, Webster, No. 21 117.5 total tackle, 89 solo, 5 tackle for loss, 5 interception

Reegan Anderson, Almond-Bancroft, No. 14 63.5 total tackle, 49 solo, 9 tackle for loss, 2 sack, 3 interception

Daniel Wild, Sheboygan North, No. 15 60 total tackle, 59 solo, 10 tackle for loss, 1 sack, 3 interception

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