All-Western HSGC Awards

Updated: May 23, 2020

From January, 2014

Congratulations to HSGC users across the western region of the country

January 15, 2014

In light of the annual high school All-American games that took place the first weekend of 2014, signifying the culmination of the high school football season, we see no better time than the present to continue to unveil the first-annual, All-HSGC Award Lists for the 2013 football season.

With extensive parameters and essential criteria to be considered for the coveted list, the All-HSGC Awards signify excellence on the field of key offensive positions and defensive players as a whole. The quintessential component of the list was basic and to-the-point – your team must utilize the HSGameCenter program being delivered by Digital Scout. From there, the grading criterion included, but was not limited to, yards and touchdowns, team winning percentage, percentage of team total offense and much more.

The west region contains users from the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

After careful deliberation and hours of scouring over statistics from programs far and wide, the list of the first ever All-Western HSGC Awards are here.

All-Western Player of the Year:

Nate TaycoRio Hondo (Calif.) Preparatory School (11-2) Running Back No. 29 2625 total yards, 38 total touchdowns

All-Western First Team


Kody WilsteadPine View (Utah) High School (9-2), No. 3 3797 total yards, 36 total touchdowns

Running Back:

Devin MartinezSouthridge (Ore.) High School (7-4), No. 24 1711 total yards, 19 total touchdowns

Kava CassidySerra San Mateo (Calif.) High School (11-3), No. 8 1715 total yards, 18 total touchdowns

Wide Receiver:

Jack BangerterPine View, No. 5 1283 total yards, 13 total touchdowns

Tyler MullenSummit (Ore.) High School (5-6), No. 80 1692 total yards, 19 total touchdowns

All-Western Second Team


Willy PflugSunset (Ore.) High School (7-3), No. 12 2926 total yards, 35 total touchdowns

Running Back:

Boyd RiekeBigfork (Mont.) High School (9-1), No. 13 1389 total yards, 23 total touchdowns

Kelton HuntEnterprise (Utah) High School (5-4), No. 35 1415 total yards, 22 total touchdowns

Wide Receiver:

Justin KennettOrting (Wash.) High School (6-4), No. 5 1241 total yards, 11 total touchdowns

Nick HinesTualatin (Ore.) High School (6-5), No. 16 960 total yards, 11 total touchdowns

All-Western Third Team


Kaden SchmittShelley (Idaho) High School (11-2), No. 8 3006 total yards, 32 total touchdowns

Running Back:

Jamil BondLutheran (Colo.) High School (8-2), No. 24 1121 total yards, 23 total touchdowns

Sean DanielsRye (Colo.) High School (6-4), No. 7 1672 total yards, 14 total touchdowns

Wide Receiver:

Josh PetersonShelley, No. 12 674 total yards, 13 total touchdowns

Christian PabicoLong Beach (Calif.) Polytechnic High School (11-2), No. 18 717 total yards, 11 total touchdowns

All-Western Honorable Mention


Cody LimmerPoudre (Colo.) High School (4-5), No. 9 2546 total yards, 25 total touchdowns

Matthew Fa’aitaSerra, No. 18 2462 total yards, 27 total touchdowns

Brian LewerkePinnacle (Ariz.) High School (8-3), No. 6 2555 total yards, 29 total touchdowns

Running Back:

Brandon HaymanMount Vernon (Wash.) High School (6-3), No. 24 1401 total yards, 13 total touchdowns

Jake PruitSouthridge, No. 2 1118 total yards, 13 total touchdowns

Gregonta BrownGresham Union (Ore.) High School (4-7), No. 25 1591 total yards, 10 total touchdowns

Wide Receiver:

Colton MillerPine View, No. 22 1061 total yards, 5 total touchdowns

Jeff BieberSunset, No. 5 849 total yards, 7 total touchdowns

Spencer LongPoudre, No. 8 772 total yards, 11 total touchdowns

Jeron KonkrightNewport (Wash.) High School (4-5), No. 1 854 total yards, 14 total touchdowns

All-Western Defensive Player of the Year

Jason FaoLong Beach Poly, No. 55 97.5 total tackle, 79 solo, 28 tackle for loss, 8.5 sack

All-Western Defensive Honorable Mention

Caleb TurnerLong Beach Poly, No. 5 131 total tackle, 109 solo, 31.5 tackle for loss, 1 interception

Ben BachmanGresham Union, No. 88 49 total tackle, 47 solo, 16.5 tackle for loss, 5 sack, 3 interception

Thor KatoaPine View, No. 11 104.5 total tackle, 73 solo, 16 tackle for loss, 5 sack

Dylan DraperPine View, No. 2 58.5 total tackle, 40 solo, 11 tackle for loss, 2 sack, 3 interception

Travis JinksSoutheast (Wyom.) High School (5-5), No. 73 51 total tackle, 32 solo, 13 tackle for loss, 7.5 sack

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