All-Southeast HSGC Awards

From January, 2014

Congratulations to HSGC users across the southeast

January 12, 2014

In light of the annual high school All-American games that took place the first weekend of 2014, signifying the culmination of the high school football season, we see no better time than the present to continue to unveil the first-annual, All-HSGC Award Lists for the 2013 football season.

With extensive parameters and essential criteria to be considered for the coveted list, the All-HSGC Awards signify excellence on the field of key offensive positions and defensive players as a whole. The quintessential component of the list was basic and to-the-point – your team must utilize the HSGameCenter program being delivered by Digital Scout. From there, the grading criterion included, but was not limited to, yards and touchdowns, team winning percentage, percentage of team total offense and much more.

The southeast region contains users from the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

After careful deliberation and hours of scouring over statistics from programs far and wide, the list of the first ever All-Southeast HSGC Awards are here.

All-Southeast Player of the Year:

Kenny PurvisCentral Cabarrus (N.C.) High School (11-2) Running Back No. 6 3192 total yards, 39 total touchdowns

All-Southeast First Team


Chase NoonanNorth Paulding (Ga.) High School (12-2), No. 5 3602 total yards, 45 total touchdowns

Running Back:

Tyler RogersMobile Christian (Ala.) High School (9-4), No. 2 2689 total yards, 40 total touchdowns

Jamaz RichardsonLejeune (N.C.) High School (13-1), No. 23 2089 total yards, 29 total touchdowns

Wide Receiver:

Josh MaloneStation Camp (Tenn.) High School (9-2), No. 3 1833 total yards, 24 total touchdowns

KJ HillNorth Little Rock (Ark.) High School (10-3), No. 5 1645 total yards, 21 total touchdowns

All-Southeast Second Team


Jake McKenzieMonroe (Ala.) Academy (13-0), No. 4 3132 total yards, 41 total touchdowns

Running Back:

Isaiah JohnsonRossview (Tenn.) High School (9-4), No. 23 2589 total yards, 30 total touchdowns

Joel EvansRiverside (N.C.) High School (8-3), No. 4 2563 total yards, 26 total touchdowns

Wide Receiver:

Deion HollimanCamden Fairview (Ark.) High School (10-2), No. 5 1984 total yards, 19 total touchdowns

Rashaan GauldenIndependence (Tenn.) High School (6-4), No. 7 1045 total yards, 14 total touchdowns

All-Southeast Third Team


Donquell GreenBurke County (Ga.) High School (9-2), No. 5 3068 total yards, 40 total touchdowns

Running Back:

Terry ‘Gus’ NicholsHector (Ark.) High School (12-2), No. 3 1981 total yards, 33 total touchdowns

Arien BeasleyNorth Oldham (Ky.) High School (10-4), No. 30 2841 total yards, 19 total touchdowns

Wide Receiver:

Matty BiondichNorthview (Ga.) High School (5-5), No. 11 1321 total yards, 14 total touchdowns

D’Kwan SandolphSt. James (La.) High School (6-7), No. 5 1705 total yards, 16 total touchdowns

All-Southeast Honorable Mention


Jarrad HayesCentral (La.) High School (11-2), No. 9 2642 total yards, 31 total touchdowns

Brock HumphreyHarrison (Ark.) High School (3-7), No. 12 2478 total yards, 32 total touchdowns

Running Back:

Vic WhartonIndependence (Tenn.), No. 3 2630 total yards, 26 total touchdowns

Daniel BitulliNashville Christian (Tenn.) High School (12-1), No. 34 1845 total yards, 28 total touchdowns

Wide Receiver:

Gary TriplettCentral (La.), No. 2 1540 total yards, 13 total touchdowns

Jacob RogersUnion County (Ga.) High School (6-5), No. 22 1124 total yards, 10 total touchdowns

Brian ClarkClay Chalkville (Ala.) High School (10-2), No. 7 1191 total yards, 15 total touchdowns

All-Southeast Defensive Player of the Year

Davondrick LisonMcGehee (Ark.) High School (7-3), No. 9 92.5 total tackle, 72 solo, 32.5 tackle for loss, 14.5 sack

All-Southeast Defensive Honorable Mention

Tajai LilesHopewell (N.C.) High School (6-6), No. 27 39 total tackle, 30 solo, 19.5 tackle for loss, 12.5 sack

Edwin AlexanderSt. Thomas Aquinas (La.) High School (9-3), No. 99 39 total tackle, 32 solo, 22.5 tackle for loss, 9 sack

Chauncey RiversStephenson (Ga.) High School (8-4), No. 10 46 total tackle, 32 solo, 22 tackle for loss, 10 sack

McKenzie HillEvangelical Christian (Tenn.) High School (11-1), No. 54 36.5 total tackle, 31 solo, 21 tackle for loss, 7.5 sack

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