• Joe Broback

5 Transfer Destinations for Charlie Brewer

Charlie Brewer entered his name into the transfer portal this past weekend, ending a solid career with the Baylor Bears. Looking for a new home won't be easy by any means, but there are some teams that would be lucky to have his services. Where does he fit best? That's a tricky question, but let's take a look at a few options.


This is assuming Shane Buechele goes pro. With players allowed to have another year of eligibility because of COVID, he could return. The Mustangs have great talent at the skill positions offensively, an upgrade from what Brewer had in Waco, and would be a good fit in Sonny Dykes' system. Buechele also transferred from a Big 12 school (Texas) and has thrown for over 7,000 yards and 57 touchdowns with the Mustangs.

Bowling Green

It was tough to find many Power 5 options for Brewer. Most either have their guy or are rebuilding with young talent. So moving to the Group of 5 level is probably going to be his best bet. Bowling Green recruited Brewer out of high school, and the Falcons could use some stability in their program. An 0-5 season produced just 57 points (for reference, North Carolina scored 62 this weekend alone), so a little spark at quarterback could be what this team needs.

San Diego State

I really like this fit, but obviously both sides have to be in for it to work. The Aztecs are a solid program, but they've struggled at the quarterback position as of late. San Diego State has a great rushing attack, and Brewer could add a threat through the air on top of contributing as a runner. No Aztec quarterback completed more than 58.3% of his passes this year, and Brewer brings accuracy with him which would elevate the offense.

Southern Miss

This might be a stretch too, but I like the fit of Charlie Brewer in new head coach Will Hall's offense. The Golden Eagles recruited him out of high school, so it's not a reach to get him to come to campus. With Jack Abraham leaving the program, quarterback play has been suspect at best. Brewer gives Hall stability at a key position in Hall's first year, and instantly upgrades the offense in a conference that's up for grabs every year.


Another stretch, but honestly the Tigers need all of the help they can get at quarterback. The Bo Nix experience hasn't gone well, and a proven veteran like Brewer could be just what they need. We don't know who the coach will be yet, so that's the biggest thing keeping him away. But at least the Tigers passing attack could do something with a quarterback that won't rely on jump balls to Seth Williams (who will be in the NFL next year) to move the ball downfield.